Jungle Series--Gunshot Fired from the Back
By Li Di  Publisher: Prunus Press USA
Paper Back
2019-01-01 | ISBN: 9781616121464
Rights Manager: Zhou Jia
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Guided by Papa Weisibu, Gu Long trekked through the dense Monta Forest. Awaiting him at their destination hopefully would be a long-awaited reunion with his parents. Along their path, they crossed paths with Jie Lu, a crippled scout bearing the cruel marks of a bandit attack. Jie Lu entrusted Papa Weisibu with a vital message meant for the checkpoint - a document safeguarding a vital secret. The two companions plunged headlong into a perilous game of wits and courage against ruthless bandits. Will Gu Long successfully reunite with his family? Can they navigate the dangers and deliver the imperative message to the checkpoint?