Nine cyber celebrity bookstores in Beijing
Source: | 2021-08-27

Do you love reading books while sipping a cup of coffee in a bookstore? There are many bookstores in Beijing and we have carefully selected nine cyber celebrity bookstores among them.

The list includes a 24-hour bookstore with books of various categories, a bookshop with modern interior design and a reading area for children, and one with fantastic views out its windows. I’m sure you’ll find your favorite one where you can talk to the authors of the books and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a comfortable and quiet place. Let’s click the links below to learn more about them!

Lu Xun (1881-1936) was an acclaimed Chinese writer and a leading figure of modern Chinese literature. Cofounded by the Central China Publish Media Group and the Lu Xun Museum, Lu Xun Books x Coffee opened its doors in 2018 in the Lu Xun Museum, offering tourists and readers a quiet place to learn about Lu Xun and read his great literary works.

Lu Xun Books x Coffee, along with the Luxu Museum, was the site of the former residence of Lu Xun in Beijing. His profile is printed on the window of this bookstore. In a showcase of the bookstore, 51 yellowing books collected by the museum are displayed, including Lu's renowned novels Call to Arms (Na han) and Wandering (Pang huang). The books related to Lu are also stacked neatly according to the author and time.

The bookstore has a cafe area with a retro-style interior decor in which readers can not only read books sitting by the window while sipping a drink and appreciating the scenery of the museum’s courtyard but can also chat with friends.

The bookstore also sells books about humanities and social sciences, and literature and art, and regularly holds lectures, forums, and other reading and cultural activities.