Ancient Portrait of Rongbaozhai Painting Manual 78- Wang Ximeng a thousand miles of rivers and mountains
By Wang Ximeng  Publisher: Rongbaozhai Publishing House
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2022-08-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5003-2321-1
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A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains is the only extant work by Wang Ximeng, a painter of the Northern Song dynasty. The handscroll is 51.5 cm long and 1,191.5 cm wide. In the painting, there are rolling mountains, misty rivers, majestic waterfalls against backdrops of dramatic cliffs and mountains, and winding paths leading to secluded places, dotted with houses and buildings, green willows, red flowers, pines and bamboos. Fishing villages, pavilions, thatched cottages, ferryboats and bridges are scattered around in the mountains or by the waters. With superb technique, vibrant colors and expressive minute details, the artist expressed his deep admiration for the grandeur of mountains and rivers of the country. A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains is widely regarded as a masterpiece of blue-green landscape painting in the Song dynasty.