Xinhua United Distribution Co., Ltd.

Xinhua United Distribution Co., Ltd isformed by China Publishing Group Corporation; Jiangxi Xinhua Publishing GroupCo., Ltd and Jiangsu Phoenix publishing media Co., Ltd. In accordance with thespirit of further deepening the reform of the cultural system, and followingthe instructions of the publicity department of the central committee of theCPC that China Publishing Group Corporation should develop business in anintensive and specialized manner. Xinhua United Distribution Co., Ltd has thequalification of first level of national general issue right.

The major business of the Xinhua UnitedDistribution Co., Ltd covers issuing of books, newspapers, periodicals and electronicpublications. The goal of the company is to establish a highly efficientdistribution, logistics and distribution network in China. Drawing lessons fromdomestic and foreign countries’ advanced circulation mode and management mode;the Xinhua United Distribution Co.,Ltd will gradually build itself into anational publication enterprise which focuses on the distribution ofpublications, logistics distribution, chain operations, publications import andexport businesses, and implements the rapid development of informationtechnology, capital operation, and the third party logistics and electroniccommerce, and which extends its influence nationwide.

Xinhua United DistributionCo.,Ltd builds a 200,000- square meters book- logistics center in the 340 acre-industrial area in the Beijing suburbs. This book- logistics center is builtwith - higher end requirements that position the company for larger improvementsin the domestics publishing industry. The company will strive to build the bestfunctionality, deliver the best of beneficial results, become the largest inbusiness scale publication, and be known for the best reputation among thelarger modern publication logistics centers. The goal is to build a supplychain that connects up and down the industry publication chain, and has largerscale and market influence in the publication middle size industry.