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——One of the Largest Digital Content Platforms of Sinology Studies in China

China E-Book Hub is a digital content platform developed by China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Co., Ltd. It distributes e-books, e-periodicals and audiobooks to the global researchers and fans of sinology studies. China E-Book Hub plays a significant role in introducing Chinese culture to the abroad.

China E-Book Hub has over 270,000 titles of e-books and e-journals along with over 700 kinds of audiobooks. It is one of the most complete collections of Chinese publications gathering 550 publishers based in Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Our content is:

Abundant: over 270,000 titles of e-books and e-journals along with over 700 kinds of audiobooks.

Frontlist titles: more than 40% are published in the past five years.

Interdisciplinary: ranging from science, engineering, agriculture, art, humanity to sociology, etc.

Notable: partnering with university publishers including Peking University Press; research-based publishers including ZHONGHUA Book Company, Social Sciences Academic Press; arts and culture publishers including Rong Bao Zhai.

Award-winning: collecting works of winning international and domestic literature awards such as the Nobel Prize in Literature, Mao Dun Literature Awards.

Focusing on Chinese theme: with a special emphasis on “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Examples of China E-Book Hub sub-libraries:

China Academic E-Book Library

China Academic E-Book Library collects high-quality academic works published in the recent three years by renowned publishers based in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It contains Chinese theme academic books and literature collections which involve history, language, literature, arts, museology, economics, education, philosophy, law and politics, etc. There are numerous high valued master anthologies, monographs, biographies, local documents, historical series books in this library. The target customers are scholars and enthusiasts of Sinology Studies. The library is the first choice for domestic and overseas academic libraries purchasing and collecting. The library contains over 5,800 books with an increment of 2000 per year.

China Theme E-Book Library

China Theme E-Book Library contains modern and contemporary works in terms of politics, laws, diplomacy, military, economics, history, culture, art, medicine, technology, sports and social development, including” Belt and Road Initiative” and “China studies” related works. This library aims to demonstrate China’s contemporary achievements on reform and development.

Library of the Republic of China

Library of the Republic of China is a digitalized photocopy collection of works published in the era of Republic of China (some were published in the late Qing Dynasty). The library involves books, newspapers, journals as well as informal publications that are of high historical and research value. The library contains fields such as politics, economics, sociology, literature, art, technology, religion, philosophy, and education. It demonstrates the colorful history and social life during the era of the Republic of China. It is an important material for people who are involving in the research of the era of the Republic of China.

China Chorography E-Book Library

China Chorography E-Book Library is a large database which is composed of over 9000 local history documents compiled (reprinted) since the period of the Republic of China. It comprises general annual, local annual and foreign annuls that involve more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and some overseas areas. The works fully record the evolution of local history, the physiognomy of mountains and rivers, geographical boundaries, fiscal income and expenditure, local catastrophe, poems, and social custom. The amount of chorography documented is at the forefront of similar databases.

China Literature E-Book Library

China Literature E-Book Library contains China’s excellent literary and theory works like novels, poems, prose, essays reportage, dramas, literary theories and comments. Consisting of works written by famous writers in China, it features rich cultural deposits and connotation of the Chinese culture.

China Law E-Book Library

China Law E-Book Library contains the legal subject e-books of legislation, justice and legal principles. Covering all the sub-disciplines, it features high value of law reference and guidance.

China Audio Library

China Audio Library consists of nearly 700 audio books, which includes more than 26,000 episodes and the total audio duration is over 6,000 hours. There are various content types in this library, such as fictions, essays, classic literature, children’s books, history and military, biographies, non-fictions.

Our core technologies:

User-friendly interface.

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AWS cloud service ensures fast and stable connection anywhere.

QR code grants users access on cellphone, tablets and PC simultaneously.