China National Publications Import & Export Guangzhou Co., Ltd.

History Of Development

China National Publications Import & Export Guangzhou Co.,Ltd. (CNPIEGC), the first branch of China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Co.,Ltd.(CNPIEC), was founded in 1979. With the most comprehensive products and management structure, it is the biggest state-owned cultural enterprise in South China in terms of history and scale.

CNPIEGC has achieved steady growth since it was founded. After development of 42 years, it has an annual asset value of 280 million yuan, net assets of 110 million yuan and 22,000 square meters of self-owned property. Its business covers many countries and regions at home and abroad with an annual sales of 300 million yuan and profits of 7 million yuan.

Organizational Structure

With 90 employees including 24 party members, CNPIEGC is structured into 10 departments: Newspapers and Periodicals Business Department, Book Business Department, General Business Department, Foreign Trade Business Department, Digital Business Department, warehouse management department, general manager office, party committee office, human resources department, financial department.

Business Structure

CNPIECGB has formed its core business in six fields which includes import of publications, export of publications, domestic and overseas exhibitions, overseas publishing, cultural products management and international trade of general products. It mainly imports and exports books, documentations, newspapers, periodicals, audio video products, multi-media products, e-publications, databases, cultural and creative products. 

CNPIECGB also offers exhibition service of famous book fairs from all over the world and engages in foreign copyright trade. It also actively participates in the construction of overseas publishing and distributing outlets of China Publishing Group Corperation and CNPIEC.

Authorized and approved by government departments, CNPIEGC has two exclusive rights of business: One is retailing overseas newspapers in hotels, apartments, airports and other foreign-related sites; the other is importing audio video products.

Enterprise Qualification

CNPIEGC actively practices the enterprise tenet of CNPIEC, that is "Serving science and education to revitalize the country, safeguarding cultural security, promoting the bridge between China and foreign countries, leading the industry development pioneer". It adheres to serving the construction of Guangdong science, technology and culture and developing itself in the Guangdong economic development pattern .

CNPIEGC is a famous library distribution service provider in South China, which has established long-term cooperative relations with many universities and colleges, public libraries, experts and scholars all over the country. Scientific research institutes, colleges and universities as well as state-approved enterprise R & D institutions will get the duty-free price discount of CNPIEGC when ordering the original imported books and periodicals.

As the vice president of the Books, Newspapers and Periodicals Distribution Association of GuangDong and the member of  Guangzhou Customs Brokers Association of Guangdong, CNPIEGC earnestly implements the enterprise quality policy of "Responsibility first, first-class service, truth-seeking and pragmatic, the pursuit of excellence". It takes the lead in the industry in South China to achieve ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system certification and be accredited as AEO Advanced Certified Enterprise by China Customs. Meanwhile CNPIEGC has been awarded as National Key Cultural Export Enterprise for consecutive years. CNPIEGC is one of the few cultural enterprises participating in Guangzhou export trade fair and enjoys a good reputation and influence in the publishing industry at home and abroad.