China Translation and Publishing House

China Translation and Publishing House Co. Ltd. (CTPH) is the publishing sector of the former China Translation and Publishing Corporation (CTPC). It was established as a state-level translation and Publishing Institution in 1973 with approval from the State Council and subsequently affiliated with the State Administration of Publication, General Administration of Press and Publication(GAPP), and China Publishing Group (CPG) successively. With over 40 years of development, CTPH has gradually matured from a small unit publishing UN materials to a publishing house translating and publishing famous works worldwide, and evolved from linguistic and translated works to a comprehensive catalog of titles, including titles audiovisual, digital, and multimedia publications. Featuring Chinese and foreign language learning and cultural exchanges, CTPH published about 500 new titles and sold copyrights of about 160 titles worldwide annually in five major publication lines: international programs, foreign language learning, children's books, arts & literature, financial books.

CTPH comprehensively promotes cultural prosperity and a "Going Global" strategy based on international positioning. With the aim of a high standard and high quality, CTPH has accumulated many well-known translators, linguists, writers, economists, entrepreneurs, and other high-quality author resources at home and abroad. Also, it has published a number of excellent works with rich content and various forms, which have built a cultural bridge for the communication between China and foreign countries and the integration of Eastern and Western cultures.


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