Encyclopedia of China (Third Edition) Online
Encyclopedia of China Publishing House

Encyclopedia of China (Third Edition) Online is a large comprehensive encyclopedia in the context of the integration of traditional media and new media in the era of digital publishing. The target number of entries is 500,000 with about 500 million characters in total. At present, 210,000 entries have been put online. The online version of the Third Edition applies multimedia, using texts, pictures, audio, videos and interactive products to present the contents as scientific, informative, academic, artistic, and readable while accurate and authoritative. The online version mainly comprises three sections: professional, specific, and popular. The professional section is compiled according to the division of subjects, covering 13 subjects and multiple knowledge domains and targeting at general readers with a higher education background. The specific section is centered on various specific topics, with each topic comprising a number of entries written by multiple authors from various perspectives. This section is featured with concentrated contents, detailed narration, and extension of the professional section. The popular section focuses on the economic, political, cultural, education, literature, sports, and daily issues that people are concerned about, targeting at readers with an education background of middle-level or above. In addition, it also contains a themed section About China (English Version), featuring about 1,000 articles that explore different facets of the country including history, geography, philosophy, religion, literature, languages, economics, education, and science. The informative text, together with a wealth of pictures, provides a glimpse into China’s brilliant history as well as its vibrant modern scenes.