Nine Ancient Chinese Poets & 100 Ancient Chinese Poems
Orient Publishing Center,China Publishing Group

Nine Ancient Chinese Poets & 100 Ancient Chinese Poems is audio lessons that tells the stories of people’s ordeal and resistance in adversity through classical poems and poets. Poets presented include Wang Wei, Liu Yuxi, Bai Juyi, Li Bai, Du Fu, Li Yu ,Ouyang Xiu, Wang Anshi and Su Shi, a king who lost his kingdom. Their pride, frustration and pain, and their open-mindedness, struggle and resistance are highlighted.

The Audio is dedicated to everyone struggling in the world. Thousands of years have passed, but no difference is found in people’s fortune. Seeing that great poets could spend their lives with such grace, we can also try our best to live a fruitful life.

About the author

Fang Xiaoyi, Professor of Chinese Literature at East China Normal University, one of the expert quiz makers of the Chinese Poetry Competition, CCTV, Director of the Chinese Song Dynasty Literature Society and Director of the Chinese Historical Literature Research Association.