Chi Zijian

Chi Zijian is one of the writers with extensive influences in contemporary China.

Chi Zijian is a woman born on Lantern Festival of 1964 in Beiji Village. She started writing in 1983, and she has published literary works of more than 500 Chinese characters mainly in the form of novel, as well as about forty monographs. Her major works include: saga novels (Manchukuo State, Right bank of River Argun); novel collections (Flowing Away, Foggy moon on Cowshed, Bathing in Clean Water); prose essays (“aesthetic sadness” “My world snows) and so on. She has published four volumes of Chi Zijian’s Collection and three volumes of Chi Zijian’s Best Works. “Foggy moon on Cowshed won Lu Xun Literature Award of 1995-1996 and Zhuang Chongwen Literature Award of 1993. A novel Bai Yin Na won the second prize of Honghe Literature Award of Master Magazine. A saga novel Dusk Rang With Morning Bells won Northeast Prize for Literature in 1995. A novella All Nights in the World won Lu Xun Literature Award for the third time in October 2007. In 2008, Right bank of River Argun won the seventh Mao Dun Literature Award. She has also won the Australian “Suspended Sentence Award” and many other literary awards. And her works have been translated in English, French, Japanese, Italian and other foreign languages.