Cui Manli

She is a freelance writer graduating from Nanjing University.Beginning to learn calligraphy when she was four years old, she had her works presented in the International Calligraphy Exhibition in Germany in 2012, which were collected by others.

She began to write in 2002. She has her poems and novels of more than ten thousand words published in literary magazines, including novels like The Favorite, Turn of the Tide, and The Glass Age, and anthology of medium-length novels and short stories like The Faith of Kaka. Among these, Turn of the Tide has millions of volumes sold out, The Glass Age won the Novel Prize given by The Publishing House of China Writers, and short story The Faith of Kaka has won many literary awards.

In 2012, Turn of the Tide was adapted into a TV series of the same name, and was recommended by the General Administration of Press and Publication as one of the 50 books most worth reading.