By Feng Li  Publisher: Daylight Publishing House
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5016-1679-4
Rights Manager: WangHe

A ginkgo tree gets transplanted to the city from a forest. Having said goodbye to its tree and eagle friends, it meets Ms. Willow, Mr. Poplar, the Kitten family, and the cicada; gets to witness trains, streets, restaurants and parks; and experiences filming, demolition, and a blackout.... As a tree, it started its new life in the world of men. The title “T R E E” suggests the countless departures the ginkgo must endure—departures from its homeland, its friends, and its own past. These departures, encounters, and reunions give us insight into the life of a tree, which may provide us with a renewed understanding of the relationship between man and nature after reading this book.