Vision and Direction of Modern Folklore (2 volumes)
By Zhou Xing and Wang Xiaobing  Publisher: The Commercial Press
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-100-15972-2

Centering on the core concepts of folklore, authenticity and public folklore, this book brings together representative discussions on these issues in Germany, Japan and China. Among them, there are famous scholars’ papers translated from Germany, Japan and the United States, and valuable articles by Chinese scholars discussing related issues. Most of the articles were unpublished or translated for the first time.

This book is divided into six units: Unit 1 Folklorism and German folklore; Unit 2 Folklorism in Japan; Unit 3 Folklorism in China; Unit 4 Folklorism and authenticity; Unit 5 Public folklore and Unit 6 Questions about the daily life of modern society.