The Source of Growth: A Research on the Driving Force of China's Medium-term and Long-term Economic Growth
By Laiyun Sheng,Xin Zheng,etc.  Publisher: The Commercial Press, Ltd.
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2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-100-19840-0
Rights Manager: Wang Xinguang

What have stoked China’s rapid economic growth over the past four decades since the reform and opening-up? Does the recent slowing growth mark the end of the Chinese growth miracle? Can China avoid the middle-income trap? How to form and optimize the future growth driving forces of Chinese economy? To systematically answer the abovementioned questions, the author proposed four analytical frameworks based on economic theories and statistical methods, providing a perspective different from the mainstream growth theories of Western economics. On top of solid data analysis, the author conducted a comprehensive examination on the past, present and future growth drivers of China’s economy and provided some valuable insights. The book is informative for those who wish to comprehend China’s economic transformation and to grasp the whole picture of its growth.