Picture Story of The Goddess Chang's fly to the moon
By Lou Jiaben  Publisher: People's Fine Arts Publishing House Co.,Ltd.
Paper Back
2021-01-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5056-3578-4
Rights Manager: Jin Shan
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A Chinese comic book about the story of the Chinese goddess of the Moon and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Long long time ago, the Earth was shone by 10 suns in the sky - the incarnations of the Celestial Emperor's 10 sons. Houyi the archer shot down nine suns to save people from the hardship. Furious at his loss, the Celestial Emperor dispatched Houyi and his wife Chang'e to the mortal realm as a punishment. At Chang'e's request, Houyi obtained an elixir of life from the Queen Mother of the West which he intended to share with his wife. However, Chang'e drank the elixir alone and flew upward past the heavens, choosing the Moon as a residence where she was accompanied by a rabbit and an osmanthus tree. Chang'e would dance when she felt lonely - that explains why people see shadows on the Moon from time to time. Featuring top-level illustrations in Chinese comic style, bilingual texts in Chinese and English and detailed explanation of Chinese traditional culture, this book is a good read for readers who want to know more about the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn festival.