Small Potatoes in A Dream in Red Mansions
By Tian Chongxue  Publisher: Orient Publishing Center
Paper Back
2023-11-01 | ISBN: 978-7-5473-2281-9
Rights Manager: Lu Jun

Small Potatoes in A Dream in Red Mansions (Revised Edition) presents a curated selection of notes from Professor Tian Chongxue’s “Small Potatoes in A Dream in Red Mansions” lecture series at Lecture Room. Drawing on his extensive research, Professor Tian offers fresh perspectives on Cao Xueqin’s classic by shifting the focus to its minor characters. Examining their emotional journeys and destinies, he sheds light on individual experiences within the grander narrative. Professor Tian’s engaging and insightful commentary delves into the themes of poetry, emotion, and spiritual awareness, aiming to recapture the true essence of the novel. This engaging collection, characterized by an intimate and conversational tone, stands as a valuable contribution to Redology. By adopting a unique lens, it promises a fresh and immersive reading experience, enriching their understanding and appreciation of A Dream in Red Mansions.