Fake News: Western Media’s Fabricated Reporting on China
By Maxime Vivas  Publisher: Prunus Press USA
Paper Back
2023-05-01 | ISBN: 9781616121549
Rights Manager: Zhou Jia
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Drawing on the author’s extensive experience as a journalist, this book sheds light on the complexities of the media war surrounding China. Through rigorous investigation and personal anecdotes, the author exposes the hidden motives behind certain think tanks and NGOs that create and spread misinformation about the country. Notably, the book tackles common narratives surrounding Xinjiang and Tibet, dismantling them with verifiable facts and compelling logic. Infused with humor and sarcasm, the author’s writing adds an engaging dimension to the narrative. Central to the author’s analysis is the notion that the animosity of some Western media outlets towards China stems from a broader unwillingness by certain Western nations to embrace China’s rise. He contends that the swift progress of a nation boasting 1.4 billion citizens emerging from poverty challenges established paradigms and power structures, thereby fueling animosity and misrepresentation.