China Publishing & Media Journal

ChinaPublishing &Media Journal is a central-level trade newspaper established in1995, under the guidance of China Publicity Department and supervised directlyby China Publishing Group.

CPMJissues twice every week, specialized in reporting important worldwide publishingnews, events and business activities, presenting honestly the voices andthoughts of people in books industry and providing deep analysis on publishing trends and sales data.

CPMJ’s main customers cover central government departments, provincialor municipal publicity departments, local press and publishing bureaus,cultural affairs bureaus,publishing houses,distribution groups,presses,book&cultural companies,libraries(including overseas ones),XinhuaBookstores,giant book centers,private acquisition &commissionorganizations,magazines,internet companies,and other related fields.CPMJ nowhas the top best coverage among China’s 30 book-related media.

Sincere-launch in 2005(withits former name China Book Business Report,CBBR),CPMJ has been awarded as theMost Preferred Media in China.

CBBRis the onlyauthorizedprint media byBIBF in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009 and 2010.

CBBRis exclusivelyauthorized to publishEnglish-version reportsfor Frankfurt Book Fair Chinese Special by GAPP in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 ,2009and 2010.

CBBRis exclusivelyauthorized by Korean newspaper the JoongAng Dialy to joinly publish International SoulBook Fair China Special and BIBF Korean Special in 2008.

CBBRis exclusivelyauthorized by GAPP of China and Russian counterpart to publish Russian-versionof Moscow Book Fair Chinese Special with Russian Books Reviews in 2007.

CBBRis exclusivelyauthorized to publish Chinese-version of BIBF Russian Special by GAPP of Chinaand Russian counterpart in 2006.

CBBRis the onlydesignated publisher of Chinese-version BIBF French Special from 2003-2007.

CBBRis the onlydesignated publisher of Chinese-version BIBF German Special since 2000.

CPMJdepicts the changes of policy and regulations over the development of China’s Bookindustry.

CPMJreports the latest movement of all the Chinese publishing groups, houses,bookstores, and other organizations.

CPMJprovides the deepanalysis of trend and sales data of Chinese books, electronic journals andother digital publications.

CPMJoffers case analysis for topic planning and marketing innovations in China’s book publishingindustry.

CPMJtraces the key global issues in time and gives deep analysis.

CPMJtalks with best-sellingauthors face-to-face and finds their interesting stories.

CPMJrepresents the thoughts of the elite in book fields, leads the trend of book industry.

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