Qin Wenchen

Qin Wenchen, born in Erdos, Inner Mongolia, began to learn Chinese instrument music at the age of nine. In 1987, Qin entered the Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music to study from Zhu Jian’er, Xu Shuya and other musical professors. After his graduation in 1992, he started his teaching career at the Composition Department of the Central Conservatory of Music. Sponsored by DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst-German Academic Exchange Service), he went to study in Germany in 1998 with Professor Nicolaus A. Huber, a world-famous composer. With his study achievement in the first place at the State Musicology University of Essen, he won his diploma at the top level of composition in Germany in 2001. And in September the same year, he returned to China to continue his teaching at the Central Conservatory of Music, where he now serves as a professor and doctor supervisor. Qin Wenchen has written many pieces covering chamber music, symphonies, and music for Chinese instruments, including music for orchestra Yi Yun (1991), Sound from Afar (2001) and Symphonic Prelude (1994), orchestral symphony Drumming in the Cold (1996), chamber music He Yi (1998/99), In Praise of the Moon (1993) and Lonely Song II (1990), and more, for which Qin won multiple prizes at seven international composition competing events. Qin’s major works also include music for double string orchestra and percussion instrument group Lonely Song I (1990), Shadow of the Sun series (1987–), orchestral music Holyroad in May (2004) and Sound Awakening Memory series, music for sheng, clarinet and orchestra Cascade of Sound (2004), and so on. His works have been performed by many famous music organizations around the world. He has also been invited by some renowned conservatories to give lectures.