Li Qingsong

Li Qingsong, graduated from the Law School of China University of Political Science and Law, serves as a staff member of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, vice president of China Natural Resources Writers Association, member of the Literary Reportage Committee of China Writers Association. He used to be a board member of the 6th Lu Xun Literary Prize. He is an eco-literature writer who has published relevant works of more than three million Chinese characters on People’s Daily, People’s Literature and other newspapers and magazines, and issued a dozen monographs. He has received a series of awards, including the national award for excellent medium-length and short literary reportages over the 60 years since the founding of the PRC, Xu Chi Literary Reportage award, Beijing Literature Award, and Yanoda Eco-literature Award. His masterpieces include The First Forestry Minister of the PRC, The Story of Saihanba, The Halaha River, A Pangolin, Note of Nature, Harvest, Tiger’s Roar From Remote, A Spirit, Camellia Times, Ethics of Land, and Mikania Micrantha Kunth: An Invasive Plant in China.