Li Linzhi

Li Linzhi was born in 1967 by the name of Li Lin. He received his master’s degree in philosophy in 1993 and has long been focused on the archaeological research of the pre-Qin period. He serves as a distinguished professor of the Innovation Center on the Integration of Shanxi Cultural Industries and Tourism at Shanxi University, an adjunct professor of the School of Culture Tourism and Journalism Arts at Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, and deputy director of the Organizing Committee of the National Yanhuang Culture Forum. Has published a dozen of works, including The Vein of China, The Past of Shanxi, Our Ancestors, The Primary Years of China, and The Pre-China Era. The Primary Years of China has been listed as the top 20 most recommended humanities books in November 2020 and the top 100 most recommended humanities books in 2020 at The Pre-China Era has been included by the Commercial Press in the list of 60 excellent books on history in 2021.