Jia Pingwa

Jia Pingwa (1952 ~) is a native of Danfeng (Shaanxi). He graduated from Department of Chinese Literature, Northwestern University in 1975. He successively took the post of editor and editor-in-chief in publishing houses and magazine agencies. He is the incumbent President of Shaanxi Province Writers Association, Vice-Chairman of Shaanxi Province Literary Federation, Editor-in-chief of Mei Wen Magazine, master tutor of Northwestern University, Dean of Humanities, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and part-time professor of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts. He is also Member of the Fourth Council of China Writers Association, Member of Fifth and Sixth Committee of the Whole of China Writers Association and Member of the Seventh Presidium of China Writers Association. He joined in Chinese Writers Association in 1979. He has authored Jia Pingwa’s Collection (18 volumes), and the main works include saga novels (Turbulence, Abandoned Capital, Qin Opera), novel and short stories (Ranger Dog, Hei Shi, Artist Han Qixiang, Meixuedi, Sound Maker, hunter, etc), and essays (Shangzhou Record, Friends  Knocking Door, etc) and so on. Plenilune won National Award for Best Short Story. Twelfth Lunar Month And First Month Of Lunar New Year won National Award for Best Novella. Traces of Love won National Excellent Prose (Collection) Award, Jia Pingwa’s Selected Prose Anthology won Lu Xun Literature Prize. Qin Opera won the first “Dream of the Red Chamber Award” and the seventh Mao Dun Literature Award. Abandoned Capital won the French Etranger Femina Prize for Literature. Turbulence won U.S. Mobil Pegasus Prize for Literature in addition to more than 50 literature prizes granted by various newspapers and magazines. His works have been translated into American, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. And these works have been published in dozens of countries. He ever won French Award of Honor for Literature and Art. Each of his novels boasts basically the first print run of over 100,000 in China, which has seen a large audience group.