Daylight Publishing House

Daylight Publishing House is a young adult’s and children’s books publishing house owned by China Publishing Group Corporation. Specifically, it belongs to the imprint of the People’s Literature Publishing House, which is the largest literature publishing house in Mainland China, and has been around for 65 years. We are eagerly committed to furnishing readers with the best of children’s books, and although we place most of our focus on children’s literature, but children’s comics, science books, and early childhood books still have a place here. You can find series from well-known Chinese writers in our publication list. Literary masters such as Lu Xun, Ba Jin, Lao She and Bing Xin, as well as respectable modern writers like Jin Bo, Zhang Zhilu, Cao Wenxuan, Yang Hongying, Chang Xingang, and Tang Sulan. We strive in international cooperation and have already built close relationships with Random House, Walker Books, Scholastic and other notable publishing houses around the world. We have published children’s books which have earned popularity like “The Redwall Series,” “Le Petit Nicolas,” “The Pocket Doodling” and “Colouring Series” and “The Essential Science Series.” We have also garnered a variety of titles in our International Award-Winning Book Series. The international cooperation project— “Chinese Story Seeds & Global Art Blooms”—was also conceived and initiated by us. As a part of Cao Wenxuan’s picture books, the project was aimed at facilitating a transnational collaboration between the Chinese stories of Cao Wenxuan, who was the only Chinese author to have won the Hans Christian Andersen Award (2016), along with other excellent illustrations from other countries. Apart from the various books previously mentioned, we have also published a science magazine, namely the “Daylight Science for Kids”, enabling children keen on science to explore more each month. It is our sincere hope that our children’s books will fill your time with joy each and every day of your life!