Rongbaozhai Publishing House

Established in 1672, Rongbaozhai enjoys a history of more than 300 years and takes “making friends by literature and achieving progress for good reputation” as its philosophical value. It operates as a comprehensive cultural enterprise in painting and calligraphy, painting tools, wood-block printing, binding and mounting, collecting, publishing, exhibitions, auction, pawn, art education, training, and printing. Over the years since its establishment, Rongbaozhai has grown into a well-known platform for trading Chinese paintings and calligraphy artworks and offering artistic services. It is a model for uncompromising integrity, a spiritual oasis for artists and art lovers to gather together and communicate, as well as a garden for the inheritance of Chinese civilizations and an emissary of communication between Chinese and foreign cultures.

Rongbaozhai Publishing House is directly affiliated to Rongbaozhai, which mainly publishes books on calligraphy and seal cutting, painting collections, artistic theories, academic monographs, popular readings on paintings and calligraphy, and artistic collections. Rongbaozai Publishing House has been constantly publishing books that can carry forward national cultural arts and has built a stable author team consisting of celebrated artists, experts and scholars from home and abroad, which provides a development platform for both domestic and international artists to communicate and exchange views on their artistic works, theories and academic thoughts.

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