People’s Music Publishing House

People's Music Publishing House, an affiliate to China Publishing Group founded in October 1954, is the largest professional Music Publishing Company with most international influence in China. The Publishing House owns Huayue Publishing House and the People's Music Digital Publishing House as its subsidiaries and People's Music Publishing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd as a sub-branch located in Shanghai.

Since its establishment 60 years ago, People's Music Publishing House has dedicated itself to the mission of "publishing music records and its history" with the core value of "loyalty, professionalism, creativity, and excellence." Its business covers areas including sheet music and theory, music education and methods, digital publications, and four music scholarly journals, namely Music Research, Chinese Music Education, Piano Art and Singing Art. In recent years, the Publishing House has continued to develop, transform and update the "Internet+music+publishing" project and promote contemporary Chinese composers' outstanding original works to step on the international stage through score-based leasing business. The Publishing House held a series of significant events for the mainstream publishing industry, such as the Great Wall Symphony, Echo of History, Loud Military Songs Concerts and "Renyin Education" training courses, etc. that strengthened its brand influence. Also, the Publishing House was honored to win the "Chinese Publishing Government Award," Chinese Outstanding Publication Award," and the "Chinese Copyright Most Influential Enterprise Award etc. "

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