Delegation from the Bureau of Foreign Promotion investigated the “Going Out” work
Source: | 2022-01-29

Wu Xu, Director of the Bureau of Foreign Promotion of the Ministry of Propaganda, and Xia Yunhai, Deputy Director of the Bureau, visited CNPIE to investigate the work of “going out”. During the investigation, Wu Xu and his delegation visited CNPIE 5G Reading Innovation Center, Shunyi Logistics Center and POD Printing Factory, and had a discussion on how to do a good job of "going out" in the new era. Zhang Jichen, member of the party group of CPG, executive director and secretary of the party committee of CNPIE, accompanied the whole investigation.


At the seminar, Wu Xu highly affirmed the achievements of CNPIE in promoting Chinese culture “going out”. She pointed out that in the era of digital economy, it is crucial to build a digital “Chinese stage” in the international Internet environment and promote Chinese culture in multiple forms. Combined with the key work of the Bureau of Foreign Promotion during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, she expressed her hope that CNPIE would play a greater role in data, channels, technology, contacts and other advantageous resources, and serve the work of “going out” in the new era in four aspects: Firstly, it should precisely align with international standards, strengthen the construction of publication information database, and ensure that Chinese publications can be found and bought overseas; Secondly, it should insist on POD empowerment, open up the international network and business model of printing on demand, and effectively improve the level of foreign propaganda services; Thirdly, it should accelerate the planning of strategic and intelligent BIBF integration solutions, and build a Chinese discourse platform for the international publishing industry in the new era. Fourth, we should actively explore new modes and modes of international communication of “big culture” in the 5G environment, and help the international communication of Chinese culture in multiple forms and through multiple channels.