Mai Jia

Mai Jia (1964~) is a native of Fuyang (Zhejiang). In 1983, he graduated from Department of Radio of the People's Liberation Army Engineering Institute. In 1991, he graduated from Department of Literature, Art College of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. He successively served as technician, publicity officer, director, etc. In 1997, he was transferred to civilian work and served as playwright in Department of TV Drama, Chengdu TV Station. In 2008, he was transferred to Hangzhou Municipal Literary Federation as professional writer. He has published works since 1988. And he joined in Chinese Writers Association in 2005. He has authored saga novels Uncover the Secrets, Plot Against, Sound of Breeze; novel collections Zimiheimi, The Shaft, Military, Let's Masked People Speak, etc. Uncover the Secret won the Sixth China Book Award and nomination of the sixth Mao Dun Literature Award. Plot Against won the seventh Mao Dun Literature Award. Sound of Breeze won Annual Novelist Award of the Sixth Chinese Media Literature Prize and Best Novel Award of 2007 by People's Literature.