Fei Jingmiao
Born in 1990, the illustrator of Persimmons of Good Fortune holds a master’s degree in the theory and practice of Chinese painting from Southeast University’s School of Art. This expertise, combined with a heartfelt connection to the subject matter, shines through in every page of this book.
Fan Wen
Born in November 1962 in Sichuan province, Fan Wen graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Southwest Normal University (now known as the Southwest University) in Chongqing Municipality in 1985.
Feng Jicai
Born in Tianjin in 1942 to a family originally from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Feng Jicai is a contemporary Chinese writer, painter and scholar.
Fan Shuzhi
A historian and professor of Fudan University. Representative works include Illustrated History of China, Emperor Wanli, Emperor Chongzhen, etc.