Ding Daoshi
Ding Daoshi is the former director of Sootoo Research and former executive editor-in-chief of Sootoo Internet Technology.
Dong Jianguo
Dong Jianguo, a senior photographer who joined the Music Research Institute of the Chinese National Academy of Arts in 1976.
Du Mingxin
Du Mingxin, born in Qianjiang, Hubei Province, is a professor in the Composition Department of the Central Conservatory of Music.
Di Wu
Born in China, Di Wu was an editor and illustrator in one of the biggest Chinese fine arts publishing companies before going to Australia.
Dan Zhaoyi
Dan Zhaoyi is the famous Chinese Piano educationist, professor enjoy s special allowance of State Council, member of the China Musicians’ Association, the 4th Vice Chairman of Guangdong Musicians’ Association, Chairman of Shenzhen Musicians’ Association, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Piano Committee, the honor president of Shenzhen Piano Committee.