Liu Yuan
Liu Yuan started to study composition from Professor Guo Zurong in 1975. In 1986, he entered the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and studied composition under the guidance of Professor Yang Liqing, Zhao Xiaosheng and so on.
Li Yi
Ph.D. Li Yi, born in Qufu, Shandong Province in 1957, is an art historian, calligrapher, researcher and doctoral supervisor at the Chinese National Academy of Arts.
Lin Yang
Lin Yang serves as member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
Li Er
Born in 1966 in Jiyuan, Henan Province, Li Er is a novelist and short story writer. He plays a significant role in China’s avant-garde literature.
Lin Yang
The author Mr.Lin is also a calligrapher who studies art for a life-long time and has his own taste on children's picture books. He is an expert of Chinese art and culture, too.
Li Yining
Li Yining, born in 1930, a prestigious economist, presided over the drafting of laws and regulations including the Securities Law and the Securities Investment Fund Law.
Lou Yulie
Lou Yulie is a world-renowned senior scholar and a master and devoted guardian of excellent traditional Chinese culture. He now undertakes the post of professor of philosophy and Chinese studies and honorary president of Institute of Religious Culture in Peking University, director of Research Institute of Buddhist Culture of China.