Cong Wenjun
Cong Wenjun, owner of Fengcaotang, was born in Jilin in 1949. He served as a member of China Calligraphers Association (CCA), deputy director of the academic committee, deputy director of the seal script committee, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Institute of Ancient Books of Jilin University.
Wu Liangyong
Born in 1922, Professor Wu Liangyong is a renowned Chinese architect, urban planner and educationist, an academician of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and a former professor of the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University.
Zhang Bo
Zhang Bo, a cultural tourism expert, a disseminator of traditional culture and a promoter of the education for international understanding, admires Sima Qian (c.  145 – c.  86 BC), the great historian of the Western Han Dynasty and Su Shi (1037 – 1101), the eminent Chinese literator and poet of the Song Dynasty. A seasoned traveler who has been to more than 40 countries, Zhang Bo deeply appreciate the profoundness and splendor of Chinese civilization.
Yang Zhenzhong
Yang Zhenzhong (1937–) was born in Shanghai, with his ancestral home in Wuxi, Jiangsu. A graduate from the department of Chinese language of Shanghai Normal University, he has been engaged in primary and secondary school Chinese teaching and the popularization of classical Chinese reading.
Zhou Songfang
Zhou Songfang, doctor of literature, scholar of literature and history and columnist, has published such academic works as A Proud Master of Literature: A Study of Liu Ji and Tang Xianzu’s Travel to Lingnan: How It Influenced the Writing of The Peony Pavilion (of which the article “Liu Mengmei: a gifted scholar in Lingnan” won the second prize of the 31st Tian Han Drama Awards).
Chen Chuanxi
Chen Chuanxi is a professor and advisor of doctoral candidates at the School of Arts, Renmin University of China, member of the China Artists Association, and guest professor at the China Academy of Art. He researched at the University of Kansas.
Gao Honglei
Born in 1964, writer Gao Honglei is a native of Xintai city, Shandong province. His proses, essays and monographs have been published since the 1990s.
Fan Wen
Born in November 1962 in Sichuan province, Fan Wen graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Southwest Normal University (now known as the Southwest University) in Chongqing Municipality in 1985.
Jin Hui
Jin Hui, violinist, conductor and educator, now holds the following posts: professor of Orchestral Instruments Department, director of String Music Teaching and Research Office and supervisor of graduate students in China Conservatory of Music (CCOM), as well as standing conductor of Kunming Nie Er Symphony Orchestra.
Zhang Zhao
Zhang Zhao is one of the most active contemporary Chinese composers and a professor at the School of Music of Minzu University of China who has been composing for the German music publisher Schott.