Yang Qing
Yang Qing is a guqin player, music educator, vice chairman of the Guqin Committee of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, chairman of the Beijing Guqin Academic Committee, and chairman of the Beijing Guqin Culture Research Institute.
Wei Tingge
Wei Tingge, research fellow, doctoral tutor, director of the Chinese Contemporary Music and Aesthetics Research Office of the Music Research Institute of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Piano Artistry, and author of Music Appreciation: Piano, Guide to Piano: Answers to 388 Questions, and Collection of Wei Tingge’s Works.
Du Mingxin
Du Mingxin, born in Qianjiang, Hubei Province, is a professor in the Composition Department of the Central Conservatory of Music.
Yang Hongnian
Yang Hongnian (1934–2020) is a conductor, music educator, lifelong member of the Academic Committee of the Central Conservatory of Music, and professor of the Department of Conducting of the Central Conservatory of Music.
Zhou Guangren
Zhou Guangren, member of the Communist Party of China, is one of the most influential Chinese pianist and educator in the international music scene.
Chen Zhongshi
Chen Zhongshi (1942–2016), born in Baqiao District, Xi‘an City, published his first essay in early 1965, and joined the China Writers Association in 1979.
Tie Liu
Born in October 1967, Tie Liu is a graduate of the Literature Department of the PLA Academy of Arts. He serves as the vice-chairman of Shandong Writers’ Association and vice-chairman of Qingdao Literary Federation.
Ge Liang
Born in 1978 in Nanjing, Ge Liang now lives in Hong Kong SAR. He received his Ph.D. in Chinese from Hong Kong University and currently holds a position at Hong Kong Baptist University.
Feng Jicai
Born in Tianjin in 1942 to a family originally from Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, Feng Jicai is a contemporary Chinese writer, painter and scholar.
Li Er
Born in 1966 in Jiyuan, Henan Province, Li Er is a novelist and short story writer. He plays a significant role in China’s avant-garde literature.