Eve Liu
Eve Liu (originally Liu Huiqing) studied as a visiting scholar at Columbia University in the City of New York after graduating from the University of London.
Ge Cuilin
Ge Cuilin is called "Granny Fairy Tale", one of the most famous children's literature writer in China. Her works are always full of touching details and beautiful plots. She devotes herself to Chinese children's literature by writing fairy tales with storylines of traditional culture and nature.
Wang Linbai
Wang Linbai has won the 10th National Excellent Children & Literature Award, the 9th Sichuan Literature Award, the 16th and 18th Taiwan Province Children & Literature Pastor Awards, and so on. His works are creative, interesting and instructive.
Lin Yang
The author Mr.Lin is also a calligrapher who studies art for a life-long time and has his own taste on children's picture books. He is an expert of Chinese art and culture, too.
Wang Yongying
A famous and kind writer who writes for children. She was born in Guangxi, southern part of China. She loves the beauty of nature and is good at depicting those unique sceneries in the book.
Sun Yunsheng
Sun Yunsheng, graduated from Zhengzhou University with master degree of Arts, is now an associate professor at Zhengzhou University. Mr. Sun focuses on modern Chinese and engages in college education and educational research.
Chai Sen
Chai Sen, a top physics teacher in China, is the founder and CEO of the online education program named Chaisen Physics. In 2020, Mr. Chai was invited to guest a talk show Entrepreneurship hosted by Ms. Zhu Xun from CCTV.
Wang Hongchao
PhD in Literature of Fudan University, is now an associate professor and the director of the Teaching and Research Office of Literature and Arts at the School of Humanities of Shanghai Normal University.
Wang Zhenfu
A professor and doctoral supervisor of Chinese Department of Fudan University. He has long been engaged in teaching and research in the fields of Chinese architectural culture, Yi culture aesthetics, Buddhist aesthetics and Chinese aesthetic history.
Fan Shuzhi
A historian and professor of Fudan University. Representative works include Illustrated History of China, Emperor Wanli, Emperor Chongzhen, etc.