Cui Daiyuan
A writer and cultural scholar, columnist of Xinhua Daily Telegraph, Hong Kong Commercial Newspapers and other newspapers and scholor guest of CCTV, China National Radio, Beijing Television and other media.
Ge Jianxiong
A senior professor of Fudan University, a librarian of China Central Institute of Literature and History, a famous scholar, especially in the fields of historical geography, population history and so on.
Jin Hongkui
Vice President of China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, a historic building expert and former Deputy Director of the Palace Musium.
Chao Gu
Chao Gu was born in Beijing in 1962, member of Chinese Artists Association, stamp designer and researcher of calligraphy and painting academy in China Central Institute for Culture and History.
Gao Ge
Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Gao Ge is interested in observing small animals and plants, then describes the world in her eye with creative imagination.
Di Wu
Born in China, Di Wu was an editor and illustrator in one of the biggest Chinese fine arts publishing companies before going to Australia.
Christopher Cheng
Christopher Cheng is an accomplished children's author who writes fiction and non-fiction full time, conducts workshops, and visits schools.
Wu Haoran
Wu Haoran is an artist obsessed with Feng Zikai's art and has been interested in painting and collecting books since childhood.
Jin Chongji
Jin Chongji is an expert in the history of the Communist Party of China and modern Chinese history and former president of the Chinese historiography Association.
Chen Shengqian
Chen Shengqian is a professor and tutor for graduate students of the Department of Archaeology and Museology in School of History of Renmin University of China.