Bi Feiyu
Bi Feiyu, winner of the 2010 Man Asian Prize for Three Sisters, is one of the most respected authors and screenwriters in China today. He was born in 1964 in Xinghua, in the province of Jiangsu. A journalist and poet as well as a novelist, he has been awarded a number of literary prizes, including the Lu Xun Prize for 1995–96. He cowrote the film Shanghai Triad, which was directed by the acclaimed Zhang Yimou.
Cao Wenxuan
Cao Wenxuan is an award winning novelist from Jiangsu Province, China. He is the Vice President of the Beijing Writers Association and a professor at Peking University. His works include The Straw House, Dragonfly Eye, and Bronze and Sunflower. He was the first Chinese writer to be awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award. His novels have been translated into eight languages.
Cui Manli
She is a freelance writer graduating from Nanjing University.Beginning to learn calligraphy when she was four years old, she had her works presented in the International Calligraphy Exhibition in Germany in 2012, which were collected by others.
Chi Zijian
Chi Zijian was born in Mohe in 1964. She started writing while at school and had her first story published in Northern Literature magazine when she was at college. She is the only writer to have won the Lu Xun Literary Award three times. The Last Quarter of the Moon also won the Mao Dun Literary Award. Her work has been translated into many languages.
Jia Pingwa
Jia Pingwa is a Chinese novelist and short story writer. His novels include Shang State, White Night, I Am a Farmer, and Shaanxi Opera, which won the Mao Dun Literature Prize.
Mai Jia
Mai Jia, who spent many years in the Chinese intelligence services, is one of China's bestselling and most famous writers. He is the author of four novels, three of which have been turned into television series and films. Mai has won almost every major book prize in China, including its highest literary honor, the Mao Dun Literature Prize.
Mo Yan
Mo Yan is the first Chinese writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature. With his regional literature works appearing suddenly in the 1980s, he is honored as a “root-questing” literary writer full of complicated feelings of “homesick”.
Tie Ning
As a woman author, Tie Ning was born in 1957 in Beijing. With ancestral home in Hebei, she is a professional writer. She ever took the post of President of Writers Association of Hebei Province and Vice-Chairman of Chinese Writers Association. She was elected as Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association in 2006.
Zhang Wei
He is the president of Writers Association of Shandong Province, the head of Wan Songpu College and the honorary president of Faculty of Arts, Liaocheng University. He has published works of more than 13 million words, which have been translated to such languages as English, Japanese, French, Korean, German and Swedish, and has more than 400 offprints published home and abroad.
Shan Jixiang
Shan Jixiang is a research fellow, senior architect and registered urban planner. As a student of Professor Wu Liangyong (b.1922), an academician of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dr. Shan studied urban planning and design and graduated with a Doctor of Engineering degree from the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University.