Lin Handa
Lin Handa (1900-1972), a native of Zhenhai, Zhejiang Province, was an educator, linguist, philologist, and historian. Lin went to the US in 1937 to study popular education, and then returned to China after receiving his doctorate in the summer of 1939.
Han Tianheng
Han Tianheng, born in 1940 in Shanghai, is originally from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and is known as Doulu, Jinmozhe, and Weixian.
Gu Nong
Gu Nong, born in 1944, a native of Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University in 1966 as a literature major, and later worked as professor at the College of Humanities of Yangzhou University, where he was once also the head of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, and has now retired.
Lu Yang
Lu Yang is a co-founder of the China Children’s Sci-fi Union, member of the China Writers Association, and Council member of the China Science Writers Association.
Yu Wan
Yu Wan is an enthusiast about “mini worlds” and craft. His work On the Way to Nanny’s Home is a 2021 Hsin Yi Picture Book Award finalist. Molly the Mole is a winner of the 18th Wenjin Book Award in children’s literature and the Children’s Day Edition of the 2023 Great Books in China Award.
Sun Jingyan
Sun Jingyan is a member of the Literary Reportage Committee of China Writers Association, a member of the Chinese Reportage Association Council, and a national first-class writer.
Ma Jun
Ma Jun is a Doctor of Law at Peking University, professor and doctoral supervisor at National Defense University, and Gold Medal winner of National Military Academy Education campaign.
Guo Beimin
Guo Benmin is a senior director, planner, and producer of documentary, as well as a senior reporter. He was a member of the Editorial Board of CCTV, Vice Chairman of the Documentary Academic Committee of the China Television Artists Association, and member of the Council of China Film Association.
Sun Yu
Sun Yu is an international baritone singer, national first-class actor, international opera artist, writer, opera scriptwriter and director.
Li Qingsong
Li Qingsong serves the Vice President of China Natural Resources Writers Association, and member of Literary Reportage Committee of China Writers Association.